FCACentral PA’s FCA: Fellowship of Christian Administrators exists to provide a free and valuable resource to Christian Heads of Schools/Administrators in which they can share ideas, resources, have access to needed experts and have fellowship and prayer with one another. This is done through facilitated meetings 3 times a year, as well as continued discussion and collaboration through an online forum all organized by theConnection Ministries. Currently we communicate with over 50 Christian schools from 7 Central PA counties and 35 Christian School Administrators are active in the group at any given time.

Our mission is to help serve the cause, public image and quality of Christian education in our area.

What have we been doing? At a recent FCA facilitated meeting, theConnection Ministries provided school administrators with an interactive, 4 person expert panel on Pennsylvania’s Senate Bill 1 (SB1) on School Choice and the EITC program (the attorney who wrote the Bill, the Presidents of two foundations who are intimately involved in bringing this legislation to the people of PA, and a Director at ACSI (Association of Christian Schools International). For another meeting it was a facilitated discussion on schools’ social networking policies.

Further, each year theConnection Ministries puts on the K-12 CEO, Christian Education Options expo. We give parents free access, college fair style, to over 35 Christian School and Homeschools covering 7 counties so they can explore all there options in one location.

Would you like to be involved? If you are a Christian School Administrator in Central PA or if you would like to sponsor/support Christian education in our area through the FCA, please contact our Executive Director, Rebecca James at 717-545-9500.