Who is the Connection?

The mission of theConnection is to have a direct and immediate impact on furthering the gospel in Central Pennsylvania by:

  • Connecting thousands of people, hundreds of area churches, scores of schools and organizations with large centralized events-hosting National & International speakers who are specialists in their fields addressing contemporary topics that challenge people to see the implications of the Gospel that affect their lives personally, relationally, and communally.
  • Connecting Churches, Christian Schools and Organizations through a well developed cross-denominational network.

theConnection VISION

theConnection’s vision is to become the most distinguished Christian Event and Networking ministry in Pennsylvania. We hope to create an exceptional network of area churches, Christian schools and organizations that are collaborating for a greater impact in the Kingdom for Jesus Christ. It is our hope that our events and network will serve the body of Christ as a model to be used for other communities nationally.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who can belong to the theConnection’s network?
A: Any Christian Church, School, or Organization in Central Pennsylvania that is in agreement with theConnection’s belief statement.

Q: How can my church, school, or organization become a part of the collaborative network?
A: First, your entity and its leadership must be in agreement with theConnection’s belief statement. If it is, the pastor or an officer of the entity can contact us and after a few brief questions your entity will be included in the network.

Q: Where is theConnection located?
A: theConnection is located in Harrisburg and the ministry is primarily focused on, but is not limited to, Dauphin County and the 9 bordering counties in the Central Pennsylvania area. These include: Cumberland, Perry, York, Lancaster, Lebanon, Schuylkill, Northumberland, Snyder & Juniata

Q: Are you associated with any national ecumenical organizations?
A: No, theConnection is in no way affiliated with any ecumenical bodies or movements and as they exist now, never shall be. Further, theConnection does not endorse ecumenism or any sort of interfaith pluralism. We will not dilute the gospel to make it more palatable; rather, we are connecting local Christian Churches and ministries to help build up the Church.

Q: Why would we want to be a part of theConnection’s Central PA network? What are the benefits?
A: There are many benefits to being a part of the theConnection’s network. Just a few are:

  1. In one stop, you will be connected to many Churches, Schools, and Organizations in Central PA.
  2. In one stop, you have the information you need for events and collaborative efforts happening in our region.
  3. Your organization is making a visible statement that it has an attitude of collaboration – co-laboring to strengthen the Church.
  4. Your Church, School, or Organization will have an active link to its web page so visitors can easily be connected to you.
  5. When we have information pages and e-blasts for the thousands on our mailing list, such as a list of VBS’s offered, yours would be included at your discretion.
  6. You may have opportunities to publicize your organization’s events to thousands of contacts through theConnection’s e-blasts, Twitter and RSS feeds, and at times, on our main page.
  7. Our website will host the Central PA Leader’s Board. This is where you can hear the thoughts of 5-7 important local Ministry leaders at any given time. These leaders consist of Pastors, heads of Christian organizations, and Christian school administrators. They will feed their “tweets” into a mini blog. These may range from their personal reflections to weighing in on local and national issues for Christians to consider. Leaders rotate on a bi-annual basis.

Q: Are there expectations of the organizations who join the network?
A: The only expectations theConnection has are that organizations are Christian (please see our Belief section for further exposition on this) and are willing to work together in our community. What we do NOT expect is any church, Christian school or ministry to compromise their own denominational or theological distinctives…there is ONE body made of many parts.

Q: Is there a cost to be a part of theConnection’s Central PA’s collaborative network?
A: No, there’s no cost. We do rely on donations given through the generosity individuals, churches, ministries and schools. If your organization is supportive of our efforts and would like to contribute to this work for Central PA, we would be grateful for any gift both small and large.